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Turn Around Concert Series.

A concert series of experimental, improvised, and new music by The Turn Around Series. Hosted at the house of Susan Parenti and Patch Adams; a many splendored intimate venue containing the scores of Herbert Brün, countless works of art, and intriguing architecture. Performers include Matthew Miller, Ralph Lewis, Susan Parenti, Patch Adams, Marina Manetti, Mark Enslin, and Brant Roberts.

Upcoming concerts:

March 2024

" For people looking for a new and different kind of musical experience next weekend, know that weird music is returning at last to the Herbert Brun House. "

- Smile Politely


Dance Accompaniment.

Whether working live in class or composing, writing music for dance has become a major focus of my creative output. I hope to share this with more people through these recordings. Please contact me if you would like to use one of my recordings for your choreography. I am also willing to work with anyone to match my music to dance, don’t hesitate to reach out!


All the tracks listed are first by count and then metronome bpm.


Live Accompaniment.

Dance solo choreographed and performed by Rachel Calabrese Music composed and performed by Brant Roberts

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